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Enhancing Smiles Using The Latest Technology

Like any area of health care, dentistry has benefited from new technologies. These advances have resulted in faster, more efficient treatment and significant improvements in patient comfort. To provide you with the best care, we have added new technology to our office including:

Digital X-Ray: 80% Less Radiation!

Digital X-rays are used with computerized equipment and software to capture X-ray images of your mouth and teeth. Digital radiography is safer than traditional X-rays because no chemicals are used and there is less radiation exposure. The images are instantly viewable, easily enhanced for improved viewing, and can be stored electronically and emailed to specialists and insurance companies.

Intraoral Camera: Seeing Things Together

An intraoral camera is a highly advanced innovation in dentistry that allows us to get a close-up view inside your mouth. Intraoral cameras are an essential tool in the diagnosis of our patient’s dental health and for a better understand the suggested treatment plan. In addition to being convenient and easy to use, the intraoral camera presents a great opportunity for patient education. The images are displayed on a television or computer monitor so that you can see what we see when we look inside your mouth. The crisp, color, magnified images provide us a means of seeing better, and each patient has the opportunity to visualize specific areas which may require monitoring. With a clear understanding of your dental condition, you’ll be able to make treatment decision with confidence.


Infection control measures and modern sterilization equipment is imperative for the protection of you, your family and your health care provider. Sterilization and disinfection are the basic steps in instrument processing and surface asepsis. Sterilization refers to the use of a physical or chemical procedure to destroy all forms of microorganisms, including the highly resistant spores and the hardiest bacteria and fungi. We use the latest technology and equipment to always ensure the highest level and standards are used to maintain a sterile environment. All our staffs wear masks, gloves, as well as protective eyewear which is worn both by the staff and our patients.

We use Statim and Autoclave sterilization units, which process dental instrument more effectively than ever before. The sterilizing process begins with the instruments being cleaned in a hydrum high-tech washing machine, then they are dried and then placed in the Statim or Autoclave. They are then subjected to pressurize steam until all living organisms are destroyed. The instruments are then placed in a secure place until they are needed.

Oral Cancer Screening

We are also proud to have incorporated the VELscope® Oral Cancer Screening into our dental office. This system helps us see things we might have missed previously as it can spot abnormal cells lurking below the surface for early detection of cancerous or precancerous tissue. The VELscope is a handheld tool that emits a safe, blue light into your mouth. The blue light causes layers of tissue to change colour, and this gives our dentist an effective means of differentiating between normal and abnormal tissue. The assessment and screening results of the Velscope are immediate.

By detecting potential problems earlier, we are providing our patients with the best health care currently available.